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Architectural Control



Spring fever…we all get it and start looking outdoors for those big projects we have put off due to winter weather. As soon as you have those plans ready for a new roof, solar panels, siding, fencing, decks, carport, additions, sheds and painting it’s time to contact KREOA for a review and approval of your project(s.) Most projects also require a county permit.  Any contemplated construction that would change the footprint or height will require that plans be submitted for approval per our CC&R’s.

For specific procedures refer to the Kelly Ridge Estates Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions found in the CC&R’s tab of this website, Article V, APPROVAL OF PROPOSED STRUCTURES and Article IV, DESIGN RESTRICTIONS.

The building height of a structure may not exceed 14 ½ feet from the highest buildable point on your lot.  For details on building height refer to the “Helpful Hints” tab in this website and select “Design Restrictions”.

Although fences are discouraged they may be approved as long as they follow our fence policy patterned after that of ButteCounty.  For our detailed fence policy please refer to the “Helpful Hints” tab in this website and select “Fencing”.  Arrange to submit your fence plans to KREOA by calling 530-589-2665

Trees are a necessity in the environment for the cleansing and oxygenation of our air.  All trees in KellyRidge subdivision larger than three inches (3) in diameter measured at a point twelve inches (12”) above the ground shall not be removed from any lot without first obtaining written approval of Architectural Control.  If you must remove a tree that is a potential danger to property or due to disease please plant a new one.  Besides the obvious, they produce shade during those hot summer months and add beauty to the area.


Tip: When installing solar panels on a mobile, make sure your roof will sustain the additional weight; take into consideration the weight of the shingles.


Contact Architectural Control at 589-2665.

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