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Weed Abatement



Weed abatement is very important to the safety of all of our neighbors and friends in the Kelly Ridge community.   Fire danger is expected to be high this year due to the heavy grown of weeds from the rains.


Kelly Ridge Estates Owners’ Association offers the services of a licensed contractor to provide a Weed Abatement Program for owners who choose not to hire a contractor separately to clear their properties of weeds, grasses or other vegetation that could contribute to fire danger, or who are unable to do the weeding on their properties themselves. There are voluntary and mandatory components of the program. 


VOLUNTARY:  The fee for participation in the KREOA voluntary weed abatement program for 2018 is $110.00* per lot (*double or triple charges will apply for oversize lots).  The deadline to arrange for voluntary abatement is June 30, 2019.   Fees can now be paid on our website, mailed to KREOA at PO Box 1893, Oroville, CA 95965, or delivered to  the KREOA office at 5263 Royal Oaks Drive, by that date.  The contractor will cut weeds to a height of 3”. 


MANDATORY:  After June 30th, properties remaining uncut that are not included in the Voluntary Program will be identified for the Mandatory Program, to be cut by the KREOA contractor and billed to the homeowner at a cost of $125.00* (*double or triple, as applicable).   The cutting applies to residences with overgrown weeds as well as vacant lots.


Please contact Suzie Ruxton / Weed Abatement Coordinator at, or Jo-el at the KREOA office  (M-W-F, 11:30 am-3:30 pm) at (530) 589-2665 or, if you have questions or need further information, or if you have a concern about a property that has not been abated.      



(n) To arrange for the clearing by contract of annual grasses and weeds from lots whose condition, in the opinion of the Board, is or contributes to a community fire hazard for which timely corrective action has not been taken by the property owners, that clearing cost to be billed to the owner and, if not paid within 30 days, that clearing cost plus administrative fees then to be recorded as a lien against the property involved in accordance with the recorded restrictions of the subdivision. (This paragraph (n) was added to these By-Laws via 82% majority vote in May 1986)


Butte County  information regarding Fire Prevention and Protection may be found on the Butte County website at under County Codes, Chapter 38A.  Copies of the ordinance may also be picked up at the KREOA office. Additional information is available from Cal Fire at      


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