The KREOA Board needs your help on several different committees.  Please email or call 530-589-2665 to volunteer for the following:

Neighborhood Quality/Architectural Control:   For Neighborhood Quality, Board Members receive complaints from neighbors identifying issues on properties that are detrimental to the neighborhood. KREOA Complaint Forms provide this committee with“quality of life” concerns affecting the Kelly Ridge community.   Architectural Control is a committee which contacts and coordinates with residents who call in asking for permission to make some structural or color change to the exterior of the home. 

Safety and Security:   You can help with discussions for improving the safety and security of our area.

Special Projects/Communications:   This committee will oversee special events like neighborhood-wide yard sales, welcome wagon, spring and fall clean-ups, holiday decorating, etc.  Newsletters and website development and maintenance are also part of this committee’s responsibilities.


COMMITTEE                                                                COMMITTEE CHAIR


Neighborhood Quality/Architectural Control                  Vacant

Communications                                                                Vacant           

Safety                                                                                  Vacant