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Kenneth Williams Sentencing

Kenneth Williams was sentenced to three years probation and was ordered to pay restitution and fines in excess of $1000. after thesentencing, Deputy District Attorney Matt Taylor explained that during the trial the video showing Williams stealing the purse from the car was played and the judge allowed that he reached inside to unlock the door even though you could not see his fingers on the button. The defense attorney told Mr. Taylor that he would ask for a new trial if they sentenced him to time in jail. A new trial could possibly have resulted in an acquittal and the DA's office could not take that chance, so they went with three years probation. If he shows up at 39 Harbor Court, he is consorting with know felons, which would be in violation of his probation. For the next three years he will be subject to random searches of his person and premises. He's got to be on his best behavior to avoid going to jail. If he does end up behind bars, the three years begins again at that time.

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