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Who, What, Where, When and Why


You have the questions we have answers!


Living in a homeowners’ association can be a wonderful experience, especially living by a lake in a beautiful mountainside community.  You have chosen to purchase a home in a community with rules and regulations that basically keep home values up and peace in your neighborhood through the governing body of the association, also known as your Board of Directors.  These dedicated volunteers notify homeowners of maintenance problems with their home and/or property, give approvals for fences, roofs, paint, and new construction; and handle complaint driven CC&R violations.


SWIMMING POOLS: If you erect or build a swimming pool over 3 feet deep or over 5,000 gallons regardless of above ground or in the ground, you must apply for a permit from the county.  All fencing and child pool cover safety codes will apply (State and County).


SPEED LIMIT: Children are out of school for the summer, tourists are sightseeing (or lost), deer are grazing and dart out across the street; these are just a few  reasons for driving with care in Kelly Ridge.  Watch for bicyclists, joggers, slow vehicles and children at play.  Keep everyone safe and obey the speed limits.

CRIME: FORE! Keep those golf carts under lock and key.  They are the hot item lately.  Suggestions: taking the battery out, locking cart in garage or chaining it to a secure post.  Getting an alarm system and motion lights for your property.  Speaking of alarms…use your remote on your car key chain, keep it by your bedside, in your pocket at all times, while working in the yard, etc. and click it on until your horn continually honks, lights will flash.  Alert your neighbors to your new alarm system so they can assist by calling 911 or come to your aid (such as a fall).

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: The heat is on and landscaping is already showing the affects of a drought year.  Consider installing drip and sprinkler systems on a timer.  Deep water 20 minutes, twice a week.   Water early in the morning and/or late at night.  Yard maintenance and landscaping is required by the Kelly Ridge Estates Owners’ Association and after all, that investment in plants and time will pay you back for years in growth and look beautiful with a little water and attention.


TRASH CANS:  These necessary receptacles are becoming a permanent part of the street following pickup in some areas.  This may give the message that you are not home.  If you are unable to bring them in ask a neighbor or friend to do it for you. 

BARKING DOGS AND ROAMING CATS: We all love our animals and would like to believe that ours won’t be the cause of a complaint  Unfortunately, we have received a number of calls regarding damage done by cats and dogs and constant barking.  We refer you to the Butte County Animal Control at 538-7409 as KREOA has no jurisdiction pertaining to animal control other than what is stated in our CC&R’s. Walking your dog is good exercise for both owner and pet.  Please be considerate and clean up after Fido, carry a plastic bag and paper towel for those impromptu stops, whether in your neighborhood, across the dam or in the parking lots.


STREET PARKING: for RV’s, vehicles, boats, trailers is limited and not to exceed three successive days per our CC&R’s.


PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE DEER.  It is against the law!  You can be liable for a substantial fine for violation of California Code of Regulation #251.3



To help keep the mosquito population to a minimum inspect your property and eliminate any standing water.  They breed in flowerpots, barrels, toys, puddles, ponds, fountains & unmaintained pools.

West Nile Virus is a continued threat and your efforts will help ensure the health & safety of yourself and your neighbors.  For assistance with mosquito control (free of charge) call 530-533-6038.

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