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The Board is entrusted with maintaining the overall quality of life in Kelly Ridge. This includes the visual aspects (landscaping, fencing and property exterior maintenance) and the right to every property owner’s enjoyment of their life here. This is no small task. We ask all owners to work together to solve issues but if that fails we try to respond to complaints by contacting the offender and often the problem (whatever it may be) is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. All who choose to live in Kelly Ridge are aware that Covenants,
Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) exist and should be prepared to abide by them. It’s obvious that this is a densely populated “residential” area meant for just that, residing– and maintaining your home so that it adds to the community.


We have responded to every call for help that we possibly can. Unfortunately there are those who could care less about their neighbors and refuse (often adamantly) to abide by the CC&R’s. Our bylaws do not provide any mechanism for legally forcing compliance with the CC&R’s nor do they allow us to make whatever correction is needed and record a lien against the offending property for our costs. So………. the problems and eyesores continue to exist even after we ask for compliance. No doubt you’ve noticed.


  • Owners who should be living on acreage with no neighbors–who act as if their property were a salvage yard, filled with vehicles that do not run, construction equipment, too many boats and RV’s, too many storage sheds (shacks), useless junk and debris. The list is endless. Their property is a complete eyesore to neighbors and they don’t care.

  • Owners who live with dead or no landscaping, wind damaged carports, tarps on roofs rather than reroofing, general deteriorated homes.

  • Owners who should be living on a farm, ignoring the fact that animals are limited to regular household pets–not chickens–and too many pets and noisy pets. We did get the County to revise portions of the Animal Code which you will see on the reverse of this page.

  • Owners who park huge commercial vehicles on their property rather than passenger vehicles designed for residential living. Owners who park boats and RV’s on their front yard rather than keeping them to the side or rear of the home.

  • Owners who erect portable, stand alone, aluminum carports rather than architecturally integrate a specifically built structure connected to the home.

Ninety plus percent of our residents can take great pride in their homes and we thank you profusely for that——we’re sorry we can’t get that to one hundred percent. Know that we try but our remedies are limited.

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