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Neiborhood Quality


It is the responsibility of each property owner to maintain their property in a neat, orderly and attractive condition.  Yards should be kept free of garbage, rubbish, junk, dilapidated outdoor furniture, broken down children’s toys and play equipment, junk vehicles and brush and clippings.  Landscaping should be watered and groomed so as to add to the beauty of the neighborhood.


Refer to the KellyRidge Estates recorded Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions in the CC&R’s tab of this website, Article VIII.

The Board of Directors of the Association is charged with the responsibility to respond to complaints of properties that are not maintained or become a blight on the neighborhood.  Enforcement of the CC&R’s is primarily initiated by complaints from neighbors.  If the complaint is valid, the Board will contact the property owner, or sometimes a tenant, via telephone, mail or personal visit, asking that the violation be corrected.   Most often the property owner offers to address the complaint immediately and correct the condition.

Landlords should make tenants aware of the CC&R’s by referring the tenant to our website or printing the document for the tenant.


Complaints are often one of the following:


Lack of property maintenance; Tarps on roofs, missing skirting on mobiles, wrecked/junk vehicles, trash and unkempt yards,  garbage cans left on the street or stored on the street side of the home.    Call NQC Director at 530-589-2665.


Late night noise: Loud parties, speeding cars and loud car stereos.  Contact the ButteCounty Sheriff 530-538-7321.

Pets:ButteCounty has an amended ordinance regarding the length of time a dog can bark.  Call BC Animal Control for assistance 530-538-7409.  Please, clean up after your pets.  Letting your cats run loose at night may invite wildlife to prey on them.  Farm animals are not permitted in KellyRidge subdivision, (roosters, hens, chickens, pigs, horses, cows, etc.)   Refer to the “Helpful Hints” tab of this website for more on the ButteCounty barking dog ordinance.


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